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Fury’s Trainer: I Would Have Also Thrown In Towel For Fury.


Tyson Fury’s trainer, SugarHill Steward has backed his peer’s decision to have thrown in the towel during the heated bout between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilders last month.

The match between the two heavyweight boxers ended spectacularly in the seventh round after Deontay Wilder’s trainer Mark Breeland threw in the towel to end the fight prematurely and that technically handed Tyson Fury the WBC title.

Deontay Wilder became furious with his trainer aftermath of the match as he wanted to continue the bout regardless of the numerous injuries he had sustained as a result of Fury’s punches and how vulnerable he had become.

Deontay Wilder(L) lost his WBC title to Tyson Fury (R) last month

SugarHill Steward said he supported his peer’s decision to stop the fight and would have contemplated the same move as well, if Fury was in Wilder’s vulnerable position taking unanswered punishment.

“If it was my fighter and I was watching him take punishment like that for the past three rounds, looking completely gone in the fifth and sixth rounds … I would think about throwing in the towel,” Steward told BoxingScene.com.

“He wasn’t responding. Deontay was taking some real big damage in the corner and Tyson was just getting started. It looked, to me, like everything was about to be over right then. A lot of other people saw it the same way, that it was over.

“Wilder thinks he knows why he lost the fight. If he wants to fight again right away, fair play. Whatever he decides is fine with us. I don’t think one way or another, but if I had a fighter [in Wilder’s position] I would not advise [an immediate rematch].” 

Deontay Wilder has called for another rematch claiming he is a warrior.

Nonetheless, Wilder has 30 days to call a rematch and the American ace has now triggered that clause and has formally notified Fury’s representatives.


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