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COVID-19: How Prepared Is Africa?

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On March 11, WHO declared the deadly virus Covid-19, which is new to humans as a pandemic. A day later, Kenya recorded its first case alongside Ghana, Guinea and Gabon.

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Though, some Africans aren’t still aware of what’s going on, those aware are more careful than ever and they seem to be doing the needful to protect themselves and their family.

Many of the cases confirmed in Africa are imported either from the virus hit countries or through interaction with people closer.

Image: aljazeera.com

The Gambia also recorded its first case yesterday. This was due to a national who returned from the UK, felt unwell and drove herself to get tested and, unfortunately came out positive.

What are our African leaders doing? Are they ensuring that everyone is protected?

Some people still have free entry and exit to Africa amidst all what’s happening. Are we not seeing the seriousness of the situation?

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Let’s take the situation of the first Gambian case recorded yesterday. The woman drove herself to the hospital to get tested when she felt unwell. Does this mean that she wasn’t even checked at the airport before being allowed entry?

Just imagine the number of people she came into contact with before going to the hospital herself. If those people are not traced, the worst could happen and it can’t be controlled.

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Even though, governments are urging us to use appropriate items like the sanitizers, masks and other things, but I don’t think that’s enough. If we’re doing all these as people to protect ourselves and our African governments are still allowing entry, then what’s the point?

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The message around says we should always wash our hands under running water but some parts of the African continent is still in dire need of safe water. Other travel miles away from their homes to get it. Now, looking at these situations, can we ask ourselves this question; Is African really ready to welcome this new and deadly virus? How prepared are we?


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