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Using Too Much Hand Sanitiser Could Increase The Chances Of Contracting The Deadly Coronavirus, Expert Warns.

Hand Sanitiser (source: Getty image)

With the Wuhan coronavirus now an issue of global concern, many individuals across the world are looking out for adoptions that can protect them from getting the virus. Some of the adoptions include the excessive use of hand sanitisers and avoiding hand shake with others.

While hand sanitisers are effective products that kills germs and reduces the chances of a person getting any kind of unwanted infections including the coronavirus, too much of it can actually expose one to the infection.

A spokesperson for chemical products company Koa Corporation, speaking with Kyodo news in Tokyo has explained that excessively using alcohol-based sanitisers only remove ‘normal bacterial flora’ that coat the skin and fend off pathogens.

He said “Of course, it is necessary to wash hands and use alcohol based sanitisers in order to reduce the transmission of the new virus, but over doing it is not good”.

The spokesperson further explained that, most hand sanitisers contain 60 to 95% of alcohol which protects and keeps the hand free of bacteria and virus.

However, this same alcohol deprives the skin of oil and water making the skin very dry.

The expert added “Dry and damaged skin could become a hotbed of disease bacteria and also increase the risk of viruses entering the skin through cuts in the skin”.

“To prevent infection, it is much more important to wash hands with moderate amount of soap for more than 30 seconds in an effective manner than to wash hands several times a day”.


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