The Effective Leader Series


    In this series, we will be talking about the leader as an individual and not as a leader, so all of the things will be centered on him.

    Centre for Creative Leadership says that a leader leads himself, others and an organization. Most leaders will tell you that it is easier to lead others than to lead yourself. We all can mention names of leaders who led others well but failed to lead themselves.

    One key to leading yourself is to Identify who you are as a person and accepting who you are. Personal Discovery is key to Leadership Success.

    This brings us to our topic for today:

     Why am I on earth, Why was I born to my parents, Why was I born in Ghana ?

    So I would like to ask this question and we are all at liberty to answer, on a scale of 1-10

    1) how well do you know yourself?

    2)And do you know why you exist?

    A lot of people are walking in life, and they feel they are a mistake, some also feel it is a mistake for them to be born to their parents, some also feel it is a mistake to be born as a man or a woman, some also feel it is a mistake to be born in Ghana.

    But I can sincerely tell you, you are not a mistake, and it is not a mistake for you to be born to your parents or be born in Ghana.

    You exist in this era, at this time because you have a solution to a problem in this era.

    You are in Ghana because you have a solution to a problem in Ghana.

    Why am I on earth

    You are on earth at this time because you carry something that this generation needs.

    You are not just on earth to eat and drink and die.


    You are more valuable than that, so the next time someone tells you you are good for nothing or useless, no matter who they are, look to their face and tell them, they are just ignorant and have no idea of who you are.

    Whenever thoughts comes to mind that you are a failure, don’t accept it because you are not a failure. You might fail but that doesn’t make you a failure. Everyone fails, every successful person has a story that talks about the number of times that they have failed.

    Not identifying your purpose on earth would not make you live a fulfilled life and as such you won’t be able to make significant impact in the lives of others.

    I’m sure someone is then asking himself or herself how can I identify my purpose on earth?

    Your purpose in life is that one thing, you would love to do the rest of your life even if no one will pay you for doing it.

    So in the next few minutes ask yourself this questions: What one thing, would I love to do the rest of my life even if no one will pay me for doing it

    Identifying your purpose as a leader is key in becoming a successful leader.

    How many of us are thinking about this question and how many of us have gotten answers?

    Every individual must engage in two things in certain point in their life and these are Vocation and Avocation.

    With Vocation: it is what you do and you get money for doing it, so that might be your career but you shouldn’t do this forever. You do this not because you enjoy doing it but because of the financial independence that it gives you.

    Then the Avocation: Is your purpose, what you enjoy doing. So you do this not because you want money but because you feel fulfilled doing it.

    You should work hard to come to a place of your life that after a certain period,  you will just be doing your avocation without the vocation but financially you will be independent. So as you can live a fulfilled life.

    This means that in the long run, you turn your avocation into your career or vocation. And then you do that till you depart from the earth.

    So even when you identify your purpose, you should also have a career that will bring in money so as you won’t be a burden or won’t feel frustrated until your avocation can cater for your needs or you would be financially sound that your daily expenses will be met.


    From what has been discussed so far, does it mean the avocation phase cannot be met without the vocation phase?


    It can but mostly it takes time, for you to attain financial independence when you indulge in only avocation without vocation. So when you indulge in only avocation without having a vocation, you might go through a lot of financial difficulties for awhile, but with diligence, hard work and excellence you may come out because the avocation will start bringing in some resources.

    Let me use myself as an example, if I say because it is my purpose to raise leaders so I won’t have any career but I will just move into raising leaders as I am doing now, no one on this page is paying for this service, the program I last did, no one paid, so you ask if that is the only thing I am doing, how would I take care of my daily expenses. But if I only focus on that, I might go through some financial crisis but in the process of time, those I train will start recommending me to their churches, schools, work place etc to come and organize leadership training then from there I would start making some financial gains.


    From which point of view are we considering the vocation phase and the avocation phase


    You are more fulfilled when you engage in your avocation than your vocation. You engage in your vocation just because you want to be financially sound but it does not bring fulfilment, so you find a lot of rich people but they are not fulfilled, they are just empty. Its not all about money, even though money is important, so everyone is suppose to find their avocation and do it along side their vocation but must be focusing on doing their avocation the rest of their lives after a certain time because that is how they will fill fulfilled.

    In conclusion. I would say that, your success as a leader depends more on you than on others. So make time to know yourself well then would you be able to lead others.


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