The Effective Leader Series: Mastering Your Skills


    Let’s do a quick recap of what was treated last week.

    Speaking on purpose, we stated last week that, everyone on earth is on earth for a reason and that makes all of us relevant and unique.

    We also spoke about vocation and avocation.

    In relation to that, it was mentioned that vocation is basically doing something to earn money, while avocation is doing what brings you inner joy and fulfillment.

    We also spoke about the fact that, we should all come to the place of doing the two, to the place of just doing our avocation as a vocation. This is in the light that, we will only do what we love doing as well as having our financial needs met.

    Now, let’s get to today’s lesson.

    I have heard numerous people complain about who they are! Aside the fact that some people hate that they were born in Ghana and to their parents, some also hate the fact that they have certain physical features, like a huge nose or ears. They generally find faults with themselves.

    It must be noted that, until individuals can build confidence in who they are and accept themselves wholly while diligently work on some areas of their lives that can be changed for the better, they cannot be effective leaders. It is not beneficial for individuals to dampen their own spirits by constantly picking on their every flaw.

    An effective leaders knows that he is not in competition with others, because everyone is unique. This is the mindset that would help the leader bring out the best in himself and others around him.

    For this exact reason is this topic being treated. No business school in the world will teach you about purpose discovery and personal acceptance which are keys to effective leadership.

    As an individual, you must know that, you have a purpose to accomplish, and a destiny to fulfill. You were created with all the qualities and skills needed to accomplish that purpose.

    In the book titled, “The Pursuit of Purpose”, by Dr Myles Munroe, he mentions that, “the purpose of a thing determines the design of that thing”. This links to the fact that, you are the way you are because of your purpose.

    You are different from others because you have a different purpose.

    Our differences make life beautiful.

    Our individual skills and potentials are also different because we have different purposes.

    A lot of people get frustrated because of certain skills they want to acquire, overlooking the fact that, every one has certain skills already inherent in them. Skills they don’t have to struggle with.

    It is good to learn new skills, but it is better to identity your already God given skills and master them.

    Let’s see how we can identify these God-given skills and potentials, and gain mastery over them.

    To identify your God-given skills, you would have to ask yourself, what do I do easily without struggling?

    Everyone has a skill that will distinguish them from others, but it will only take mastering of these skills to have these individuals distinguished from the lot.

    When we talk about mastering a skill, we talking about learning all you have to learn about that skill.

    When someone has been able to achieve mastery in their skill, they will automatically be referred to when the exercise of their skill is required. So, don’t be a jack of all trades, identity your skill and master that skill.

    Someone will then ask, what is the difference between purpose and skill?

    Purpose(destiny or destination) is the end result, while a skill is that which helps you achieve purpose.

    Let’s say, you have a purpose to win souls into heaven and you also have the skill of composing songs. You can use your skill to achieve your purpose by composing songs along the line of winning souls into heaven.

    We have to see that for us to fully fulfill our purpose, we need others as much as they need us.

    Our skills must complement the skills of others, while theirs also complement ours.

    At this point, if you have any questions, you can ask.

    Question 1
    How can people who are struggling to discover their skills be assisted in discovering them?

    Good question!
    A skill is something you can do easily, but not all skills come easily. Everyone is born with a particular skill and as they progress in life they could learn other skills as well. Someone who speaks and easily communicates naturally and enjoys doing so, has a great communication skill. If this person masters this skill, he can do amazingly in the various fields related to this skill.
    A skill can thus be detected from an ability someone has to do something even without much training. When we identify our skills we have to gain mastery over them and become the best at them.

    Question 2
    I don’t believe in the fact that everyone is born with particular skills. I feel our environment and the way our personalities are shaped as we grow influence our choice of a particular skill we are passionate and want to be passionate about.

    Our environment influences us in a lot of ways.
    Despite this fact, we as individuals are born with a purpose and with that purpose comes tools that can help us achieve our purpose. In as much as our environment has much influence in our lives in various ways, it does not destroy the fact that inwardly in ourselves there is a longing to live out our purpose. Something in us that points us to certain specific areas.
    Thus, two people can be raised in the same environment, but would love doing different things.

    This should tell us that the environment has a part to play, but the natural makeup of a person plays a major role too.

    As a leader, you have to discover your skill and master that skill. This will give you what we call, “expert power”. When we talk about How to gain power we will go more into this.

    Without further questions, I would want us to ponder over what we have discussed today. I do not want to over load us with much information since we have a year for this training.

    To conclude, I would say that, no one is useless, we are all unique. Identifying what we can easily do while enjoying doing it is ideal. Gaining mastery in them by learning, taking courses and reading widely about them will put us on top of whatever we do and will make us effective and efficient.


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