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FUNNY: The Video For Valentine’s Day


14th February, is that time of the year when people showcase the kind of affection they have for special people in their lives.

Also known as the Chocolate day, Valentine’s day is the day when the world is painted red with lots of love in the air. People in romantic relationships go the extra mile to appreciate and display all kinds of love to their partners.

This honorary day originated as Western Christian Feast day honouring one or two early saints named Valentinus and is recognized as important cultural, religious and commercial solemnization of romance filled with warmth in many parts of the world.

People often go on special romantic date, have intimacy with their partners, reminisce about when they first met, eat, drink, laugh and make the most of their day under the warm umbrella of genuine love.

RegardPost.com ‘intrudes’ into popular Nigerian online comedian’s (Sydney Talker) video on Val’s day and takes a look at how love can be sweet and enjoyable even in the absence of money. Let love lead. Today is Valentine.


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