Correcting The Errors of The Past


    The politics of always referring to the past, is one of the problems that has retarded the development of Africa.

    Even in the 21st Century era, we still have political leaders boycotting Parliament, all in the name of displaying their displeasure about certain mishappenings in the country.

    The question to ask is, is this the best way to display these concerns?  It is obvious the current government is not pleased with this conduct though this conduct has been a long existing one. Needless to say, if the current government ends up as the opposition one day, it would also do the same and probably make reference to the opposition having also done so in the past.

    One can then ask, with such display by the leaders of the country, is there any hope for the ordinary Ghanaian citizen, the citizen who faces the effect or result of the decisions taken by these leaders?

    I believe it is about time an end is put to the critical discussion of matters concerning the nation  based on political party ideologies. Issues must be dealt with objectively! The discussion and finding of solutions to the issues that plague the nation should not be left under the whims of party politics. Our leaders must be called to order!

    No matter the political parties we belong to, as individuals of this nation, we must not forget that Ghana belongs to us and not to any political party.

    Let’s hold our leaders accountable as they have the mandate of the electorates to serve the collective interest of all individuals of the nation and not that of their parties. Development is possible, but not without collective effort and unity. Ghana first.


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