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Children Seeking Asylum Tear Gassed By Police On Lesbos.

Image: telegraph.co.uk

Lesbos, Greece – Greek police have fired tear gas at thousands of asylum seekers trapped on the notoriously overcrowded camp where they are not allowed to travel to the mainland under a 2016 EU-Turkey deal aimed at restraining migrating flows.

On Monday, amidst the crest of tear gas fired by riot police during protests by crowds of about 2000 people which included babies and children.

The cramped camp in Moria however, is reported to have been holding more than 10,000 refugees; meanwhile, it was never designed to hold more than 3000 people.

Image: reuters.com

The reason for this rally was to protest against the continued containment and unbearable living conditions inside the camp on Lesbos Island.

In footage seen by Al Jazeera, children can be seen recovering from being hit with tear gas fired by riot police. Some wore face masks to protect themselves from inhalation.

Image: dailymail.co.uk

Police fired the tear gas to try and quell protesters and prevent them from marching on foot to Mytilene, Lesbos’s capital more than four miles away.

But many Moria residents did reach Mytilene and continued protesting there on Tuesday.

Afghan refugee with the pseudonym, Abdul, told Aljazeera news: “I participated because people are dying in Moria and nobody cares. We feel like we don’t have a future here, if we wanted to die then we could have stayed in Afghanistan. We came here to look for a good future and to be safe, this is not a place for living.”

Image: dailysabah.com

According to local media, at least two people have died in Moria so far this year, and in previous years, refugees including babies have lost their lives due to poor weather conditions and fires happening in the camp and no proper medical facility has been provided till now.


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