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Hot Dog Looks Nothing Like Its Name.


So, a lot of people find it hard to have a taste of hot dog because they believe that dog meat is used in its preparation. Sounds hilarious you’d say! This misconception can be traced to the name given to the menu.

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The food looks nothing like its name; why “hot dog” and not any other name that relates to the ingredients used in preparing it? Here’s a brief history of hot dogs and how they got their iconic name.

Historians have long contemplated how the hot dog received its name. It’s currently unknown how the term was coined, although there have been some guesses. 

In many areas, the name changes. People living on Rhode Island refers to it as hot weiners. And closer to Plattsburg, New York, hot dogs are called Michigans.

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Over the course of the following centuries, the sausage traveled across Europe, making its way to Germany, a country that adopted the wiener as its own. Today, Frankfurt and Vienna both lay claim to its creation, a staple in the contemporary German diet. But how did the hot dog get from Germany to the US?

Either way, the sausage was eventually brought to Europe, specifically Germany. The Germans made the sausage their own by creating different versions to be enjoyed with beer and sauerkraut. In the 1860s, when German immigrants immigrated to the United States, they brought their sausages with them, selling them in pushcarts.

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There has also been debate about when the first hot dog was made. The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council dates the hot dog back to 9th Century BC, as it was mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey. History mentions that it can be traced back to the time of the Roman emperor Nero, whose cook named Gaius may have been the first to link sausages. 


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