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Crime And Politics Over Humanity


Over the years, highly organized crimes on the increase deteriorated society; destroying farmlands, killing millions of people, abduction of both citizens and foreigners, ripping off society, and leaving indelible scars, after the resolution of the war. Children are forced to join violent troops for crimes in eradicating their opponent. The agony of the people not attended with care instead of leaders’ greed for power, humanity is fading. Crimes and wars increases caused insecurity, hindering socio-economic development and sustainability.


Multiple criminal groups, including terrorists, drug smugglers, abductors, etc. are secretly backed-up by political leaders and powerful businessmen to rule out their opponents for more wealth and power. The threats of organized crime extend into intimidation. However, humanity is not pardoned for gains.

The significance of this stands out in disturbing wise. War at Sierra Leone, Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, Israel, Sri Lanka, South Korea, and other parts of the world have destroyed humanity through organic bombs spreading epidemic diseases, firearms attacking waves of enemy troops, captivity, and dead bodies are left to rot in open spaces yet these leaders have no pity rather they keep pushing their diabolic agenda to achieve their selfish goals. The world is experiencing a series of violence due to economic gain, territorial gain, religion, nationalism, revenge, civil war, revolutionary war, and defensive war.

Most often than not these criminals, some orphans, and vagabonds are employed or hired to accomplish diabolic tasks. These people are used in boosting troop morale and leading humanity to war devastation. Notably, citizens do not trust their leaders anymore. These leaders are perceived as a repetition of dark history lurking around for destructions of humanity. These organized crimes may disrupt political campaigns for effective elections. During campaigns, aspirants for various political parties’ huff and lure for a vote. After successful gains, promises made are left unfulfilled. Change must affect a positive dimension rather than just airy manifesto to convince citizens. The demining aspect is loyal leaders, as well as investigative journalists, who scoop out corrupt people involved in the malicious act and scandals are killed with no traces of culprits found. Most ace investigative journalists have lost their lives for the love of truth and humanity.

Embracing the truth and desisting from wrongdoing perfects society. Not to talk about the likes of Franz Ferdinand, M.K Ghandi, Albert Luthuli, Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela as well as other great men who were human activist and stood for justice and peace. Law enforcement agencies should be isolated from political affiliations, and should be strengthened in an effort against organized crimes. Also, systems should be improved, thus eliminating bribery and corruption as well as by increasing the number of policemen in all the corners of society to reduces criminals. Strategies available for accessing concrete evidence and witnesses should be promoted in order to expose these silences around organized crime and politics.

The world is becoming smaller through globalization and modernization, as we are able to depend on each other through space and time. The inter-independency through the rapid growth of technological and international trade creates a sense of belonging in increasing peace and tranquillity among various countries.


Living in peace and harmony is the labour needed for sustainable development. Humanitarian advocacy should reawaken the love and the social welfare of humans ignoring the self-centered approach and the use of our self-interest in gaining temporary materialistic benefits. Humans are what make up the world, not crime and politics!


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