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China Has Sealed Off Two Cities To Battle The Spread Of New Virus.


Residents of Wuhan and Huanggang have been prohibited to leave as authorities are putting in the effort to halt the spread of the new coronavirus that stemmed up last month and has now killed 15 people and infected 571 people.

“Without a special reason, city residents should not leave Wuhan,” the central city’s special command centre to combat the virus said on Thursday, according to state media.


Later, state media in Huanggang announced that it was also striking a similar isolation for its people.

Stations with buses, long distance shuttle, ferries and the airports have all been closed down in the city of 11 million residents.

As hundreds of millions are traveling across China for the Lunar New Year holidays, and state television have confirmed the number of infected persons to be 571, this decision was taken.


According to the official Xinhua news agency, these moves taken are meant to curb and cut off the virus and guarantee their people’s safety.

Currently, similar cases have arisen in countries like Thailand, South Korea and the United States but most victims are said to be in Wuhan undergoing treatments.


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