Home General Angry Indian Villagers Stones Wife Of Kidnapper To Death.

Angry Indian Villagers Stones Wife Of Kidnapper To Death.

Residents and Police personnel stand outside the building where children were held hostage in Farrukhabad [Reuters]

According to authorities’ statement today (Friday), one man identified as Subhash Batham, was shot dead over taking dozens of children hostage.

This was possible because he faked the celebration of his daughter’s one year birthday and invited a lot of children to his house for the supposed party.

Batham, who has a criminal background demanded for the charges against him be dropped and a ransom of 10 million rupees ($140, 100) for each child.

Earlier, a policeman told the AFP news agency that Batham fired shots from inside the house. Police had no choice but to shoot him dead and rescue the children when negotiations failed.

Not long after, Anil Kumar Mishra, the superintendent of police of Farrukhabad, said angry villagers, whose children had been taken hostage for more than 10 hours, pounced on the accused wife who tried to flee to save herself. She was stoned and beaten mercilessly. The police however came to her rescue and took her to the hospital but she was declared dead on arrival.

“She was taken away by the villagers and beaten up. Police rescued her from the angry mob and rushed her to the hospital where she was declared dead,” Mishra told Al Jazeera.

Notwithstanding, the youngest among the 23 children taken hostage, was said to be as young as 6-months old.


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