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Yes, Dark Apples Exist!


We tend to think of apples being red, though there are of course some popular green and yellow varieties. But did you know there are also dark purple apples? Called Black Diamond Apples, they’re found in Tibet and are from Hua Niu family of apples, also known as Chinese Red Delicious. The name is quite misleading because they aren’t exactly black but rather a dark hue of purple.

They get their unique colour from the geographical conditions of Nyingchi in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China as aforementioned.

image: today.com

Apples are commonly grown at orchards around the world and come red, green, yellow or a mixture of the three colours, but they can apparently grow dark purple, almost black as well.

The 50-hectare orchard by the Chinese Company, Dandong Tianluo Sheng Nong E-Commerce Trade Company Limited has an elevation of 3100 above sea level making it the ideal place to grow these intriguing fruits.

The main cause of why these fruits turn black are the notable temperature differences between day and night, the intense sunlight and the ultraviolet light which causes their skin to go from the characteristic deep red to dark purple. According to today.com, the pulp inside is white and bright like any other apple.

image: organicconsumers.com

Only selected high-end supermarkets in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are selling these rare apples in gift packages of 6 to 8 fruits. According to tribune.com.pk, the price of Black Diamond apples is around 50 yuan (€6.37) per fruit.


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