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The World’s Deepest Postbox Is 10 Meters Underwater.


Ever found yourself wondering about getting an underwater Post Office Box? If yes, then Japan has got the perfect place for you if you happen to visit there eventually. Yes, in Susami Bay, you can post your mail in a postbox which is placed 10 meters deep off of the coast.

People usually travel from different cities to mail their letters to their family members located in other different cities. Despite the underwater immersion, the writings on the card remain intact because oil-based paint markers are used.

The underwater mail box usually receives around 1000 – 1,500 pieces of mails each day, many posted by family members for their loved ones, and this little piece of infrastructure carries a special significance.

Image: youtube.com

People then dive into the sea to have their mail posted and it is said to be a thrilling experience for those who engage in this activity.

Employees of the shop dive deep down to collect the cards once every few days and take them to the local post office. The items are then delivered to the recipients within a week of being posted

This postbox actually came into being during a fair in1999 as part of an effort to give special attention to Susami Bay. And this idea came from a then post-master who was 70 years old, named Toshihiko Matsumoto.

An old, red postbox was altered for the underwater collection of cards and installed when the fair began in April 1999.

Image: interestingengineering.com

Some 32,000 of mail have since been posted in the box, which was recognized by Guinness World Records as the “Deepest Underwater Postbox” in 2002.

As sea water severely corrodes the cast iron box, two of them are used in rotation every six months, allowing each to be cleaned and repainted. “We have no replacement if they become unusable,” Yamatani (the shop keeper who produces the water-resistant post cards) said.


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