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Newborn Babies Don’t Shed Tears. Yes, You Heard Right.


On top of sleeping, eating and pooping, babies spend most of their time crying. However, why they may scream and wail, newborns don’t shed tears.

As new parents, you know the score: you’ve changed your baby to a more comfortable position, fed them, burped them and they still won’t go to sleep, instead, scream on top of their voice to test out their lungs.

“Why, what happened?” You’ll surely ask yourself that.

Their face is warped, eyes screwed up, skin turning a deeper shade of red by the second and they’re really testing out those lungs.

You’ve made sure they can’t possibly be hungry, thirsty, winded or sitting in a wet nappy.

So, what on earth is wrong with them? Are they pretending to cry? ‘cause you can’t see any tear coming out.

Well, nope, they’re not putting on a live Oscar-winning show.

Image: verywellfamily.com

The ability to do such takes a while which is why parents won’t see actual tear drops coming from their little ones until they are about two weeks to three months old.

In most cases, yes. Babies tear ducts are still developing after birth and it’s normal for them not to shed tears for the first few months says, Pediatrician Tanya Remer Altmann, editor of the The Wonder Years: Helping Your Baby and Young Child Successfully Negotiate the Major Developmental Milestones.

Most babies start crying tears around 2 weeks of age but some can take longer. “Usually by the 2-month check-up, they’re there,” says Altmann.

Some newborns develop clogged tear ducts which means they can make tears but the tears aren’t draining properly. Accumulated tears can create a gooey yellow substance, which your child’s doctor may treat with drops or an ointment.


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