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Have You Seen These Remarkable Skyscrapers In The World?


At this time and age, it isn’t about height anymore, what matters, is the architectural design and the wow expression on people’s faces.

Let’s take a look around the world to see some awe-inspiring skyscrapers.

Marina Bay Sands In Singapore

source: visitsingapore.com

Located in the heart of Singapore, this building is an integrated resort with a hotel, casino, retail mall, as well as convention facilities and entertainment venues including theatres, nightclubs and a museum. Sitting on a 570,000 square meter forefront at Marina Bay, MBS is operated under Las Vegas Sands(LVS). Its distinctive architecture includes 55 storey hotel towers topped by 12,400-square-meter SkyPark as well as the lotus-shaped ArtScience Museum.

Torre Glories in Barcelona, Spain

source: bestcityscape.com

Barcelona’s cucumber-shaped tower is among the most daring additions to the skyline since the first towers of La Sagrada Familia went up. Completed in 2005, the 38-storey structure shimmers at night in shades ocean blue and lipstick red. The interior is home to many offices.

Burj Khalifa in Dubai, UAE

source: burjkhalifa.ae

Burj Khalifa is not just the world’s tallest building, it has a very unique design that makes it the centerpiece of the entire city.

The Shard in London, UK


The Shard, a 306m high iconic building is the tallest in Western Europe and has redefined the skyline and become an international symbol for London. The name “The Shard” is derived from the architecture’s description of the development as a “shard of glass” during planning stages. It is crowned with a steel-framed pinnacle and clads with shards of glass designed to blend into the sky.

One World Trade Center in New York, USA


One World Trade Center also known as Freedom Tower has been rebuilt as one tower. One WTC begins from 200ft square foot print – exactly the same dimensions as the twin towers. From a height of 20ft, it begins to gently taper at the corners.

Taipei 101 in Taipei, Taiwan

source: trip.com

Towering above the city like the gigantic bamboo it was designed to resemble, Taipei 101 is impossible to miss. Standing in the Xinyi District of Taipei, an area known for its financial services and shopping malls, Taipei 101 represents a worldwide precedent for sustainable skyscraper development and has held the title “world’s tallest building” for a number of years.

Turning Torso in Malmo, Sweden

source: dynamicforms.photo

Santiago Calatrava’s Torso in Malmo, is the tallest skyscraper in Sweden and a pioneer of its kind. A spectacular building depicting a human body in a turning motion, the architect gave the city a new touring destination. It is easy to be impressed and stunned when one looks at this unusual and turned/twisted landmark.

Bosco Verticale in Milan, Italy

source: commons.wikimedia.org

Bosco Verticale or in English “Vertical Forests” are two residential towers which houses more than 900 trees each on the tower to help diminish the smog and produce oxygen. The 20,000 trees and perennial plants in the buildings will convert approximately 44,000 pounds of carbon each year.


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