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Ghana And Sanitation Issues… Can We Overcome it?


Accra is mostly choked with rubbish which in turn leads to flooding anytime it rains heavily so, I can understand why H.E Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo vowed to make Accra the cleanest city.

This year, we saw rubbish containers being mounted at vantage points in Accra. I was really delighted when I saw at least this improvement. But, the issue is that, when these bins are filled with rubbish, no one comes for it. Who exactly is in charge of these bins?

source: @ekbonney

When the bins were mounted, citizens dispose off their rubbish in there. At least, this act by the citizens should tell us that if opportunities are provided at our reach to dispose off our rubbish, we will be willing to. I mean, some things are done by a form of enculturation.

According to a post from @ekbonney on Instagram and Facebook, he said “The first time I saw placement of bins in town, I was impressed but it’s sad to see most of them overflowing with trash and no collection for weeks. Is anybody in charge of the collection and are they getting paid?”

source: @ekbonney

When this was brought to my notice, I took the chance to interview people on my way to work today and their impression on this issue was bad. One man said, “When it gets full and I have rubbish on me, sometimes I leave them under the seats at bus stops or just throw it in bushes around…”

The setting up of these bins sent a message to people and that is why we are using it. But, if it gets full and no car comes for it and we don’t know who is also in charge of them, don’t you think we will go back to that attitude of disposing our rubbish off the streets?

source: @ekbonney

@ekbonney suggests that if the authorities can put up two bins at the same location to collect plastics and other rubbish differently, it will really help the country in the long run because plastics can be recycled thereby creating jobs for people. However, when it’s mixed with other rubbish, how can we use it again?

I mean the President has done what he could to solve this sanitation problem for us. Do we have to wait for passersby to capture these things for us to do the right thing? Shouldn’t we at least know who is in charge of the collection of these bins? Because I know they are getting paid nevertheless for not doing their job.


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