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Should You Still Eat Breakfast When You Don’t Feel Hungry In The Morning?


You’ve heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right?

But many at times, as you are rushing through the door to your daily activities, breakfast is the last thing that comes to mind.

The truth is, you are just not hungry enough to sit down and savor a plate of bacon, eggs and home fries whilst scrolling through your social media to kick start your day.

If you are not hungry in the morning, a really important question that you need to ask yourself is: why? What did you eat the night before?

The fact is, many people wake up with no appetite because they ate too much the night before. Come morning, they have a food hangover.

When dinner is too profuse in quantity or in calories, you don’t feel hungry the next day. It’s however important to reverse the trend by reducing portions in the evening to help bring back your appetite in the morning.

A lot of how we eat is habit, says Pritikin dietician, Kimberly Gomer. “If we are in the habit of overeating at night and skipping breakfast, that is what our body becomes accustomed to.”

Although eating mindfully is always a good idea and you generally shouldn’t eat when you are not hungry, but the morning may be an exception. Some nutritionists recommend you start small either by drinking water and eating a piece of fruit that will be easy to digest.

If you need to eat in the morning, it’s actually better to consume foods that contain fat and sugar at the start of your day. The body therefore has the whole day ahead to use up the calories. This is actually one of the principles of chrono-nutrition diets which suggests starting the day with bread and cheese, for carbohydrates on the one hand, and protein, fat and calcium on the other.

Don’t worry, bottom line is, eating breakfast shouldn’t be the first thing you do each day. Just make sure that, when you do eat, your meal is something that will sustain you for a few hours and as aforementioned, should include protein and fiber.


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