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Kuukua; A New Force in the Gospel Arena Drops New Single


Ghana’s newest gospel sensation, Kuukua, has launched her debut single Medaw’ase. The song filled with gratitude and praise to God, is motivated by the realization that God deserves our thanksgiving irrespective of the circumstances we find ourselves in.

Dora Kuukua Aggrey, simply called Kuukua, is a Christian recording artiste who believes that we must consider everyday as an opportunity worth thanking God for. “I have gone through so many trying moments but God brought me out by His mercy, grace and unfailing love” She added.

The soundtrack produced by Owura, is her maiden single and also marks the beginning of her career as a professional musician. Kuukua is inspired by a plethora of things, king of which is God. She says; “He’s my everything. His deeds always bring me something to sing about. Another thing is the changing scenes of my life. It’s another power house to me, and then nature as well.”

Kukuaa aims at becoming a great force in the gospel industry.

Her journey into the world of music begun as a child; with great love for music, she started writing songs as a hobby at age 10. Kuukua then joined singing groups and choirs during her teen years and further recorded few songs in 2005 which never saw the light of day due to financial constraints. She has backed a few artists and hopes to collaborate with any of the leading artists in the industry.

As Kuukua sets out on this musical journey, her greatest desire, she says, is to reach and win many souls for God.


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