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Have You Ever Wondered…? Do Actors Do Their Own Stunts In Movies?


What is a stunt? Do stuntmen get hurt?

There’s nothing more fun like going to the movies, is there?

A monumental screen, an extraordinary sound, congenial seats and a lap full of popcorn, what’s there not to love?

As you watch your action figures or heroes on the screen, you are awed by how they are able to dodge every death trap that comes their way at every turn. From thrilling car chases and frantic fistfights to death defying leaps from trains and explosions all around, today’s movie stars survive some astonishing dangers.

Of course, you probably know that most actors aren’t really defying deaths throughout the filming of a movie. The most popular actors make way too much money for movie producers to put them in a harm’s way.

So, how do they come up with all these remarkable or spectacular scenes we see? All of the examples mentioned and the hundreds more you can probably think of- are called stunts.

Note that a stunt is someone doing something no sane person would do, and doing it for real without getting killed. Regardless of post production trickery, these daring scenes explain why stunt work is an art-form.

Stunts have been around since the earliest days of movies. From the first fight in a movie, film makers had to figure out a way to make two people look like they are fighting for real without anyone getting hurt.

As movies got more complicated and complex, they began to involve more complicated stunts, such as, fires, explosions, car chases and the like. These scenes often required people to be involved but movie stars were too precious to get injured or risk their lives- thereby creating stunts.

Filmmakers hence began to use stuntmen. These were real actors who would perform stunts instead of main actors. They don’t earn much and sometimes get injured on the scene but they love their work because it is fun for them to be involved in movie making.

Now, consider this from the filmmaker’s perspective. If the main actor gets hurt doing stunts, the entire production could be delayed. But if a stuntman gets hurt, its easier for him to be replaced and production will keep rolling as scheduled.

Some movie stars however do their own stunts. Jackie Chan could be cited as an example. He started out as a stuntman and is now one of the biggest movie stars we could think of.

Though, some actors aside Jackie Chan also do their own minor stunts, more complicated and most dangerous stunts are carried out by their stuntmen.

Notwithstanding, the most dangerous stunts are now being created by special effects from computers. These effects look real and don’t require putting anyone in a harm’s way to get that really cool eruption in movies.


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