Home Tech This Mouse Pad Charges Your Wireless Mouse When in Use

This Mouse Pad Charges Your Wireless Mouse When in Use

The ROG Balteus Qi mouse pad

Its use has seen quite a decline in recent years but the mouse pad is back. Or let’s say it could be on its way back. And with some power this time.

Asus has just revealed this mouse pad which has a feature they call integrated wireless charging.

Known as the ROG Balteus Qi, this hard surface mouse pad which measures 37 cm by 32 cm, is capable of wirelessly charging your Bluetooth computer mouse, even while the wireless mouse is in use.

All it takes is for the mouse to make contact with the mouse pad. The mouse has to be compatible with the mouse pad though. Which means only specific wireless mouse models will work, possibly those made by the same company.

In the near future, some smartphone models will also be able to charge wireless while lying on the mouse pad (it’s quite large enough to use a wireless mouse while a phone is lying on the corner).

The Balteus Qi was unveiled at the ongoing 2018 edition of Computex, a global computer fair which showcases the very latest as well as future in computers, monitors and other accessories.

This mouse pad is the latest in what looks like a trend that is about to gather some force, after Logitech announced a similar product in 2017: the Logitech PowerPlay Mat.


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