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“Having Colourful Skin In No Way Affects Your Skill Level”: World’s Most Tattooed Doctor On Why Competence Should Matter Than Appearance


Say, you found yourself at a hospital worried because your six-year-old son who was having a kick-about at home with some friends fell awkwardly and badly dislocated his knee; and the nurses giving your son a much-needed first aid asked you to hold on as the doctor made her way downstairs.

Then moments later, the doctor showed up. Except after taking just one glance at her, you began worrying even more for your son because the doc that walked in had skin Lil Wayne or Wiz Khalifa would be highly proud of. Inks!!

Of course, most people would be a bit skeptical and may not trust such a doctor with their lives; and this has prompted heavily-tattooed Dr. Sarah Gray to use herself and her outlook to crash that stereotypes in the medical field head-on.

Dr. Sarah Gray

The 31-year-old works as an intern at an Adelaide Hospital, and is looking to become an orthopaedic surgeon even though her body has been splashed with many colorful tattoos since she got her first art aged 16. 

A former Miss Inked Australia, Sarah insists that her tastes and style although they are unpopular within the medical profession, does not meddle with her ability to be competent.

‘I find it’s a good talking point, especially a lot of the younger generation of patients that we see, I guess its a bit of a barrier break-down between what it is traditionally thought a doctor would look like,’ she revealed on Sunrise.

Dr. Gray, who is almost completely covered with tattoos, also disclosed that she plans on having a full-body suit- so she is engulfed entirely from head to toe- her face not included.

‘If you’re confident and competent at your job it shouldn’t really matter what you look like,’ she said. 

‘I’m just trying to advocate for being your own person and still being able to work in the medical profession.’

Dr. Gray who believes she is ‘the world’s most tattooed doctor’ also pointed out that she does not have any offensive tattoos on her skin, and claimed she is seen as a positive role model within the tattoo community.

‘Having colourful skin in no way affects your skill level and with all the anti-discrimination laws now it wouldn’t be appropriate to compartmentalize or treat me differently based on my appearance,’ she said.

‘I’ve worked really hard to develop good professional relationships as I’m fairly memorable, so I’ve made sure I’m memorable for the right reasons through hard work, determination and an always positive attitude.’

‘For those that don’t like tattoos, that’s entirely their prerogative, I just urge them to at least consider the artistic skill that goes into creating body art.’


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