Regional Festival of Arts And Culture


    The Igbo community Ghana, in partnership with the National Theatre is organising a West African Regional Festival Of Arts and Culture – on the 14th and 15th of September 2019, at the National Theatre and Efua Sutherland children’s park respectively. The event, is another edition of the previously held ‘New Yam’ festival in October 2011 due to its success in that year.

    The Igbo ‘New Yam’ festival is usually held between the months of August and October every year in Igboland, and the Igbos in the Diaspora also celebrate theirs in their respective countries of residence. Igbos or Ndigbo are about 60 million worldwide of which a significant number reside in Ghana. The celebration of the ‘New Yam’ festival which is part of this event is about the most significant celebration in the lives of the Igbo people.

    The event, due to take place at the National Theatre and Efua Sutherland park respectively is a two day event that will bring together some of the finest scholars, traditional rulers, historians and artist knowledgeable in the ways, traditions and life of the Igbo community.

    This year’s event with the team: ‘REGIONAL INTEGRATION THROUGH ARTS AND CULTURE’ has been expanded to include the participation of Ghanaians, other West African Nationals, co-operate organisation and cultural groups. It is expected to attract about 5,000 participants and attendees from across West Africa for both days. Planned activities for the events include: West African artefacts, New Yam celebration, Art exhibition, Traditional dances, Cultural displays, Drama, Music, West African Masquerade displays, Bazaar sales, Seminars and speeches geared towards the enhancement of Regional Integration.


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