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Study Shows Men’s Restroom Doors Have SIX Times More Germs Than Ladies’


Most women would dig into their purses, reach for a sanitizer and smear their palms with the germ killer the moment they are done using the restroom; but how many men make it a habit to cleanse up after they’re done?

Well, men could care less about hygiene after easing themselves as research has suggested that they are less likely than women to wash their hands after using the bathroom, putting other people at risk from the germs they leave behind.

In a study which saw researchers wipe up the door handles of a large office building in London, it was discovered that the men’s bathroom door contained about six times more bacteria than that of the ladies’.

Swab samples from 24 female and male bathroom doors in the London office were taken by using a device which uses light to measure the presence of microbes.

Microbial presence on the inside door handles of the male washrooms saw an average reading of 1,085, compared to a reading of just 188 from the inside of the female washroom door handles.

They also found the door of the sampled men’s bathroom contained four times the amount of bacteria on an average toilet seat, being likely to be cleaned less often.

This may raise the risk of harmful stomach germs being transmitted from the contaminated surface.

Responding to the research by company Initial Washroom Hygiene, honorary professor of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Sally Bloomfield said: ‘We know from our research that women tend to practise better hygiene and more often wash their hands after using the bathroom.

‘Hand hygiene is important after touching bathroom doors touched by other people.

‘So keeping a hand sanitizer in the drawer and using it when you return to your desk could be a solution to men not washing their hands after using the bathroom.’


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