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Nigerians Butcher White Woman For Casting ‘Ignorant’ Ethnic Slur About Them


British boxer of Nigerian descent, Anthony Joshua was on a visit to his native, Nigeria, and posted a beautiful snap of himself swarmed by many excited fans in the west African country.

In the photo- shared via Anthony Joshua’s official Twitter account with the caption, ‘sons of the soil’- the former unified world heavyweight champion is seen in the midst of teeming fans, most of whom looked eager to capture the moment with their cellphones.

The post unsurprisingly attracted lots of attention and drew various reactions from his over two million followers; but a tasteless ethnic slur by user, @louisesealey87, caught the attention of some Nigerians and has left them infuriated.

The owner of the account- a white woman- displayed her regrettable ignorance with a comment looking to poke fun at the Africans by sarcastically questioning how they could afford smartphones while living in a place that is plagued with water crisis.

Riding on the stereotype that African people still lived in primitive and deprived conditions, she wrote: ‘Got to walk 20miles for water but got smartphones?’

Her comment instantly angered a lot of people, with some rightfully chastising her for her insensitivity, and for being ‘the ignorant white man.’

Here are a few retorts to her comment:


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