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Experience the MoonTouch Fun-Day City Escape!


The fact that the computer you work with needs to be ‘refreshed’ every now and then when it lags speak volumes; and effectively points to the truth that nothing in this world-including you- react well to any form of stress.

Sadly, the human body is not some flashy piece of technology you can rejuvenate with just a single touch of a button, no!

It is a more complex entity, and it takes breaking free to drain all the pent-up frustrations accumulated from years of your overwhelming work schedules, nagging school assignments and projects, and probably distressing relationships.

True, there is no better fix than taking some time out. And by ‘taking some time out’ I don’t mean staying under those covers all day long doing nothing.

It is to say you need to bring in some fun moments to whip your spirits up to face the never-ending tasks that come with having to live on planet earth. Like unwinding with a fun vacation. Yes, you heard me: A vacation.

Indeed, for students, the highly demanding grading system means there is no time to spare, and with the current economic downturn in the country, no worker would want to take weeks off from work to just…..relax for obvious reasons; but whatever your excuses are, vacations are important and they give you more in terms of health than you have ever imagined.

It does not necessarily take a long, expensive trip to Barbados, or a two-month stay in some deluxe sea-view hotel out of town for it to become ‘a vacation’.

A simple, exciting getaway for just a day or over a weekend works perfect too, and you would be amazed about the health benefits you derive from such an escape.

Just leaving home and going to a place where nothing reminds you of the difficulties of life is a very good therapy for the heart. Spicing up the boring routine, performing different activities, and taking in the natural goodness of new surroundings is known to effectively lower the risk of heart attack by 30 percent for men, and a whopping 50 percent for women.

Also, going on a trip where you explore and discover new things has been found to make humans experience an adventurous feeling which causes a release of dopamine to the brain. That hormone and neurotransmitter is what is responsible for feelings of joy, pleasure and a general feel-good factor in man.

Researchers say, that vacations can help combat the habits that disrupt sleep, like working late into the night. And we all know how insufficient sleep leads to less focus, alertness, impaired memory, and an overall decreased quality of life.

Last but not least, the complexities of our lives often lead to us forgetting the need to renew our bonds with family and friends. By taking time off to unwind-especially with a group of loved ones- we are able to socialize better and build stronger ties with the people in our circle who deserve and need our attention. And oh, we also get to make new social connections which is also quite fun.

So go on, compensate yourself for all the hard work with some much needed pampering, while enjoying the healing effects of the fun trip.

There is always a mind-blowing location near you to help you loosen up, find great relaxation, and restart your life with a blast of exciting new energy.

However, if you are not really a genius at spotting wonderful hangouts, but still wish to unstrain this weekend without really hurting your finances, you should sign up for the Fun Day City Escape to Prampram with Moon Touch Travel, and treat yourself to a buffet lunch, a refreshing swim, or any of the amusing activities lined up to make sure that you wind down. Call 0201 392 123 Today.

You know what they say about all work and no play!!


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