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Earwax Protect Your Ears From Losing Its Function, Doctors Say


Causing blockage? Seek help, if not, you are not the right person to treat your ear!

“Whoo, you have a brownish substance at the opening of your ear. Clean it up! Haha, it seems the tiny animal in your ear has taken a dump again.”

Almost every one of us fell for this joke during our childhood moments.

Believe you me, no animal takes a dump in our ears. That brownish, oily substance is called an ‘earwax’.

Now, when was the last time you had your ears checked by a doctor? When was the last time you gave special attention to the waxy substance in your ear? Probably a while ago? Or never?

Earwax is one of the things we humans pay very little or no attention to unless we have a problem with our hearing.

Not to worry, this article will let you know how to take care of your ears.

Some people swear that cotton swabs are good for cleaning the ear, others don’t share in their thoughts; or chances are you are just one of those who think there’s no need in cleaning the ear at all.

Your ear canal produces the gross-looking wax called Cerumen, to protect the ear from getting into contact with foreign particles or any dirt. It also prevents the ear from getting irritated due to water.

In normal instances, excess wax finds its way out of the ear canal and into the ear opening and is then washed away.

It seems some people, especially, those who mostly use headphones are prone to producing too much ear wax; but doctors speculate that it’s normal and very natural. Producing too much ear wax won’t lead to blockage or hear loss.

In fact, what leads to ear blockage is the fact that we use objects like cotton swabs and bobby pins in the ear- all in the name of trying to get the wax out.

According to doctors, when this is done, there is a high chance that we may end up pushing the wax deeper in our ear canal, thereby leading to a blockage or hear loss.

The ear has antibacterial properties and usually do a good job of cleaning itself and don’t need any extra care.

The only time you should think about cleaning your ear is when you want to take out the wax from outside your ear canals and you should know how to do it.

“There is an inclination for people to want to clean their ears because they believe earwax is an indication of uncleanliness. This misinformation leads to unsafe hear health habits”, said Dr. Seth Schwartz, chairman of the guideline update group.

When you chew or move your jaw, it helps remove old wax from the ear canal to the outer side, that’s where it dries up and falls off.

Sticking pointy objects inside your ears can rupture the eardrum, cause infections and worst, lead to significant hear loss.

So, no; it is not in your place to clean your ears. It will in itself clean up.

However, if you suspect you have an excessive earwax buildup, and don’t exactly have any idea about how it’s going to come out, your best bet would be to see an otolaryngologist.


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