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Ballooning Belly? Still Feeling Pregnant?


Remember when you looked all curvy and felt really good about yourself before the pregnancy changed your whole outlook? And then, the baby bump snatched all that curvaceousness away from you right?

Obviously, you would want to have that body back- and trust me you would- but it may take a while to repossess that old, beautiful you after child delivery because baby bumps are natural to every woman capable of giving birth.

Don’t get too worked up girl, you just had a baby, you don’t expect your belly to go back to the way it was just after delivery. Your body isn’t magical, it’s only natural and it will heal itself the way it is supposed to.

After nine months of pregnancy, many moms hope that they will have their flat tummies back but sadly enough, it doesn’t turn out that way.

This is one of the mistakes women tend to make, they believe that once the baby is out of their womb, they should go back to being their normal self again right after; what they don’t know is that it takes time for the body to heal.

So, what exactly causes the baby bump after birth? And why does it stick around for a while?

If you feel your belly is like a balloon filled with air, just know that childbirth doesn’t cause the bump. In fact, the bump you see, is just the starting point of a shrinking process in your body.

Your uterus grows as the baby in your womb grows for nine months, so, a little patience is definitely required if the bump has to go away totally.

The average number of pounds a woman loses after giving birth is 12- which include the baby, blood and certain types of fluids. So, within 24 hours, your bump may go down a little; but, not entirely of course. Experts say it’s normal for moms to return to their pre-pregnancy weight between 6 to 12 months after delivery.

However, for your belly to go back to normal, it depends on your age, the size of the baby, method of delivery, your weight before the pregnancy, and the strength of your abdominal muscle.

Most women have to wait 6 to 12 weeks to stop looking like they are still ‘pregnant’ thanks to the baby bump, however, it has been discovered that women who exercised regularly during pregnancy, breastfed, or had only one child are lucky enough to slim down quickly.


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