Technology Versus The Human Capacity…


    Will the creators of technology end up being a pawn to their creation?

    Well, that is what I have been asking myself lately. In recent times, it has been noticed that everything going on in the world is attached to technology.

    Why? Because humans like to get results early. Our urge to get results early is what’s causing us to lose our jobs. We created technology but if care is not taken, in a time to come, we might end up being controlled by them and also leaving them in charge of everything we are supposed to take care of.

    Technology however is making us uncertain of the future and at the same time changing the world in a way that it is benefiting the individual. So, will it be termed as a threat or a helper?

    Experts however believe that rapid technological change has been destroying jobs faster than it is creating them, thereby contributing to the stagnation of median income and the growth of inequality.

    The use of technology is so cool that we are not perturbed of the future. Its usage is enjoyable, and it’s driving our attention slowly from the harm it can and will cause us in the long run.

     Many daily activities that humans carry out have the potential to be automated. You probably have heard that “a robot will take over your work in a time to come”. These words are not just words of no value but the other way round and you should be worried.

    The learning of machines and artificial intelligence (AI) are always advancing so human labor in some areas is no longer needed.

    According to some members of the Forbes Technology Council, here are a number of jobs they think will easily be automated in the next 5 to 10 years;

    1. Insurance writing
    2. Warehouse and manufacturing job
    3. Customer service
    4. Research and data entry
    5. Production line evolution
    6. Local TV advertising
    7. Pharmaceutical discovery
    8. Banking services and retail check out
    9. Outbound sales
    10. Fast food service
    11. Long haul tracking
    12. Delivery service

    Notwithstanding, let us not dispute the fact that automation offers the opportunity for greater productivity with less labor but technology is always not the best answer.

    Humans may not be quick as a robot will be when performing duties but they have much more versatile and amazing skills. Robots on the other hand are very good at performing or doing one specific thing.

    It’s not all bad though, the use of technology in some areas to some extent free physical human labor in the world as a whole. It is great that we can manufacture anything by the use of machines to reduce cost and therefore has a lower cost to the public. On the other side of it, as human beings we can also have much more free time to do more creative work other than repeating a process over and over again.


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