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WATCH: Bearded 36-Year-Old Woman Opens Up About Her Life And Finding True Love


You know what they say: if you love yourself first, others will love you too. Naturally, lots of people may not be firm believers of this inspirational saying but I believe if they met Little Bear Schwarz- a bearded woman living in Seattle- her story would most certainly erase the question marks.

The 36-year-old thought it would be impossible for her to find a real relationship due to her bearded looks; but while she stressed about what she felt might put any potential suitors off, her current husband, Tobias Bradick, 45, also needed to amass some courage to ask her out because he believed he would be rejected.

Having suffered polycystic ovary syndrome-a condition which causes growth of excess hair- since aged 14, Little Bear revealed that though she sought help from specialist doctors, little could be done to correct it; causing her to spend the next 16 years of her life trying to conceal her hairy nature.

Now married to Tobias and in a polyamorous relationship, Little Bear admitted on This Morning on iTV that it took her years to finally accept her bearded face: ‘My younger years were really difficult. I had this hair and nobody could tell me or help me where it was coming from,’ she said.

‘Nobody was saying I could just grow it, it wasn’t presented as an option.’ 

Little Bear decided against shaving off her beard when she had turned 31; and according to her, has felt more confident ever since: ‘I found a flyer for a beard competition and I thought maybe I can make this lucrative. I entered a beard competition and I won.’

On her beautiful love story, she revealed: ‘I didn’t have a problem finding people to date, but I had to be sure it was someone who wasn’t afraid to be seen with me, or the potential stigma of the man who dates a bearded woman.’ 

After seeing the 36-year-old put up a post on Facebook appealing for potential suitors, her husband Tobias disclosed that he fell for her straight away.

Little Bear(L) and husband, Tobias(R) open up about their relationship on This Morning

‘She was always such a genuine, loving person. She’s very real, she’s not fake. She’s the kind of person I want to get to know.’ 

‘I thought she’d say, “thanks, but stop being creepy”. But we just clicked and started spending time together.’ 

Little Bear Schwarz

‘There are times groups of creeps flock to her social media and send her death threats. If we’re in public and she feels uncomfortable, I just say come up and kiss me.

‘I think it kind of says, “hey, don’t mess with her she’s with someone”.’ 


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