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Not only pregnant women; Alcohol is Generally Bad for Trying to Have a Baby

We're usually warned about this one

You know that thing about the “bad girl” who can sleep around with many guys without getting pregnant, and the inexperienced innocent girl who tries it only once and unluckily gets pregnant? It turns out alcohol could be a factor why the bad girl gets away with it.

For the sake of their profits, companies that produce alcoholic beverages would not be in a rush to tell you everything about alcohol. One ugly truth about alcohol is that although it is mostly known for its adverse effects on unborn children and pregnant women, it is also not very good for women who are trying to conceive.

It would be wise to stay away from alcohol for many months if you’re not yet pregnant but are hoping to be. That’s what some medical doctors’ advise, since studies have shown that it can significantly reduce a woman’s chances of pregnancy.

One such research by the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Maryland, USA, found a reduction of more than 50% in the chances of conception for women who consume alcohol. That’s like taking contraceptive half of the time you’re trying for a baby, without even realizing it!

Furthermore, caffeine, which is found in coffee and many energy drinks, was found to enhance the negative effect of alcohol. Caffeine is known for impeding the body’s sensory perception of alcohol and allowing one to drink more alcohol before getting affected. Alcoholic beverages that contain caffeine are among the most dangerous drinks in the world.

The researchers found that whereas women who were not consuming alcohol scored 26.9 pregnancies per 100 menstrual cycles, women who consumed alcohol along with more than one cup of coffee a day, could only manage 10.5 pregnancies per 100 menstrual cycles. That’s quite some real difference of more than 50%.

So in case you’re a woman hoping for a baby bump soon, remember that alcohol is better off your menu both before and after you get pregnant. If you’re not there yet, well that’s something to bear in mind for the future. 


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