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This is How To Sell Like a PRO


Selling is a big part of life, however you look at it. Yes! Whether you’re running a business or not, you have plans of proposing to that lady or man, or even hoping to get a promotion at work. We’re all selling; not the same things for sure, but everyone is.

The only thing I thought was needed to sell was confidence. Over time, I’ve realized that you can be confident but when you lack the information required to enable you sell, it’s just zeal without knowledge on display.

A good dose of confidence is great but from what I’ve experienced and observed, four main things in addition to confidence set any sales person apart. These four things can be practiced even out of the concept of business and will still achieve the desired results.

  • Know Your Product Like Your First Name

The funniest and most embarrassing experience you can have is to be caught up in a situation where you’re totally lost on info for a potential client because you simply don’t know your product well enough.

It makes you look stupid, and not even confidence can save you! It’s somehow like this; “Hi, I have an amazing product for your hair. You should buy one and try it out”. Then the potential customer asks “Is it for relaxed hair or natural hair because my hair is…?”

Then there you are trying to take a closer look at the lady’s hair and then your product and saying “Urhhmm… well, it’s actually foorr… urhhmm… It should be for both.” Now how lame was that? You’ve just lost a customer right there.

Avoid this; know what your product can and cannot do. Know who it’s meant for; men, women, both, children? Know it all: its benefits and side effects if there are any, and do not take chances. Know all the facts and figures, and don’t lie about it because an intelligent customer will eventually find out.

  • A Good Background Research On Your Potential Customer

Knowing who your potential customer is, gives you a good idea on which approach to use to get them interested in your product or service and finally hooked.

Personally, I would hardly meet a potential client I have very little information on, unless our meeting isn’t planned. Typically, I would read about them; there are plenty of ways to do that now. Social media is one. Look them up; their likes and dislikes, field or industry they’re in, what gets their attention and what they spend their time posting and commenting on. Yes, I look for all that!

This may seem unnecessary but it’s not. Not if that potential client is important to you and you need to make that sale. Knowing what gets their attention allows you to present yourself and your product/service in a way that will get them interested in listening to you. And remember, if you don’t have their attention in the first place, you can’t get them buying anything.

  • Don’t Forget Your Script

It’s very important to have a script as a marketer or sales person. Don’t look at it like there’s just one way of saying “Hello, my name is … I am from… I’m here to sell…” to everyone of your potential clients. That’s boring. Instead, like Patrick Bet-David would say, think of the script as a skeleton. All of our bodies have skeletons which are generally the same. Our bodies however differ; some people may have longer legs, wider chests or bigger butts while others simply don’t.

What a good script does is to provide the skeleton. From there, you can add on your personality and some more skin depending on the information you have about your client and their need.

Have a script for how you introduce yourself, your product, through to how you even close the deal- whether it’s a phone call, email or selling face to face- and the way you go about it must be totally unique to you.

With a script, you’re more confident, certain, and have back up on what to say at any given time. You’re not taken aback with unexpected reactions, and your tongue gets pretty much used to it like the lyrics of your favourite song.

Always remember, the better you know your product and your potential client, the easier it is to sell.

  • Now Sell According To Their Need

You cannot afford to not know what your potential customer cares the most about when buying anything.

For some people, you have to present a product to them using its health benefits. That is all they’re simply interested in; what’s the amount of calories in there, vitamins? Protein? What amount of sugar, is it going to do any good to my weight loss? What’s the production and expiry date? For these people, here’s the direction you sell to them; simply use the facts.

For others, they’re not going to look at you or your product if it’s not well packaged. They’re all about that beautiful design the product is wrapped in. Is it attractive? Are the colours in harmony with each another? Would it look good sitting in their fridge or when they send it over as a gift to a friend? Is it presentable? This is the direction you go also for such a person.

So yes, by all means, know their needs in your product or service, and sell it to them accordingly.


  1. Worth reading and straight to the point. I have added some selling skills to my knowledge today.

    All points and examples was good.

    Wish u could have elaborated more on this *Don’t Forget Your Script* like example on other ways to introduce yourself…


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