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Kobina Ansah Finally Explains “The Boy Called A Girl” Play Title As It Takes On An Interesting Topic In Society


Barely a fortnight ago, virtuoso Ghanaian dramaturgist, Kobina Ansah, spilled the beans on his forthcoming theatre art production titled “The Boy Called A Girl.”

Much as Ghanaians received the news with total excitement-recalling how Kobina Ansah plays are always laced unblemished intensity – several people were thrown by the name of the play; with their thoughts plunged into a state of perplexity.

However, because the 21st century Ghanaian is not noted for their tendency to remain uninquisitive in the wake of an uncanny situation, questions were bound to be asked.

Interestingly, Kobina Ansah has given some reactions to 10 questions that keep popping up about the upcoming theatre.

Check them out:

  • What is The Boy Called A Girl?

The Boy Called A Girl is a musical stage play that that creatively tells the story of a dance instructor whose obsession with having a baby girl eventually ruined him.

  • Is #TheBoyCalledAGirl about gayism?

No. It’s about parental negligence, obsessions and how efficient dance therapy movement is in healing people.

  • Is the play a comedy like most plays?

No. Though the play gets witty at a point, it’s strictly a suspenseful social drama laced with so many life lessons. Like a maze, the audience are expected to uncover some hidden nuggets.

  • What’s unique about #TheBoyCalledAGirl?

The play takes on an interesting topic in society. What happens to parents who are so obsessed about having a particular gender of children? When they don’t get such, how do they manage their disappointments? How can such obsessions influence their decisions?

  • How much is the ticket going for?


  • When and where is the play showing? What times will it show?

Saturday, July 20th @ National Theatre. 4pm & 8pm.

  • Who’s behind the play?

Kobina Ansah and Scribe Productions. The same team behind This Family Is Not For Sale, I Want To Sue God, My Wife-in-law and Tribeless.

  • Anything new to look out for?

The play will begin with a Ghanaian parody version of Childish Gambino’s “This is America.”

  • What’s the runtime of the play?

The play will run for 2hrs 15mins.

  • What components of art pieces does the play contain?

‘The Boy Called A Girl’ is a potpourri of great dance, melodious live music and enchanting dialogues.


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