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5 Necessities Every Entrepreneur Should Surround Themselves With


Running a business is a lot of hard work. You’re constantly on top of everything: leading, delegating and making sure your brand stays competitive, you sometimes forget all about yourself. Often, the road gets so lonely that if you’re not in touch with your vision for starting and mission for staying in business, you’ll probably quit halfway through your journey.

Now, here are five very important things every business mind should have on deck as they sail the iffy waters of entrepreneurship.

  • Unconditional Lovers

Every entrepreneur needs unconditional lovers. I define these people as family and friends who love you so much and are willing to do the unimaginable and unthinkable for you. The people you can freely talk your heart out to whether you’re sad or happy.

I am fortunate to have such people in my life. They make life a little easier for me and for that, I am super grateful!

They don’t necessarily have to be professionals who can give you expert advice on anything. What you need sometimes is a listening ear without judgement whatsoever and it’s so comforting to know that they’re only a call, text or email away.

Like rock, they’re just there, nothing you do will stop them from loving you. They’ll give their time, skill and money whenever necessary to see you achieve your goals. When the business idea fails, when you make your first sale, when you face fear and rejection, you know where to turn to; your unconditional lovers!

  • Mentors

I love life for one thing; there’s absolutely nothing new here! You’ll always find people who have travelled the path you’re now so nervous to take.

Isn’t that amazing? You want to write a book? Got no idea how? Well, many people do. You don’t have to struggle with how it is done. Find writers and authors who have written and published books to guide you through the process. Want to buy a car? Reach out to a car owner. You want to start a business? Find entrepreneurs and ask them how they did it. Want to own an airline? Well, talk to Richard Branson! 😀

Right there in your country, city or community, it’s possible to approach experienced women and men who can be a source of great knowledge and inspiration for the journey you so want to embark on.

Don’t waste your time reinventing the wheel. Approach someone today and you’ll be amazed at your own progress. A good mentor will save you months and years of mistakes because they’ll open up and share their own lessons with you to avoid unsuspecting failures.

  • A Dedicated Team

I don’t know how on earth anyone can run a successful business without an efficient and dedicated team.

Even as an extraordinary entrepreneur, you can only achieve very little on your own because from conceptualization to production, to branding and then marketing and sales, accounts, then customer service, etc., how much work can you- a single person do?

Some of my best quotes are from very successful people in business giving credit to the teams they work with; talk of Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, Strive Masiyiwa, Indra Nooyi, Donald Trump and many others. They all agree that your business grows at the speed of your team.

So by all means, find people who buy into your vision, who you can totally trust to do a good job in your presence and absence.

  • Mentees

I am a firm believer of giving back. All of us, whether young or old have received support from people and it’ll be totally unfair if we don’t give help to others too.

There is a certain feeling of fulfilment that comes with supporting people in whichever means we can. It doesn’t matter at which side of your own journey you’re on, you’ll definitely be more knowledgeable or experienced in a certain area of life than others.  It’ll be rewarding to connect with people, preferably younger and with less experience in that same area.

This meaningful relationship will be cherished by both of you and especially the younger fellow so much so that, they’ll be forever grateful to you.

Also, bear in mind that teaching is one of the easiest ways to learn. It is through it you learn things you yourself may have missed out on earlier.

Don’t wait any longer. Make an effort to reach out to young people who can benefit from your wealth of experience and constantly provide mentorship for them.

And before I forget, having younger acquaintances give you a brighter perspective on life.

The fewer they are, the better, so that you don’t run out of energy and as well, making it easy for you to do constant follow up and meetups whenever necessary. Quality not quantity!

  • A library

Books; Yes, that one thing every Entrepreneur must surround themselves with. Books are so important! I don’t know about you but at every level of education, not one was without a book. From Kindergarten, Primary, Junior and Senior High School, to the University to several courses I’ve taken on and offline, there were books whether digital or hardcopy recommended that helps you to understand the subject or course better.

If you’re looking at constantly improving your life and business, you have got to make books your closest friends. The latest trends, business lessons, food recipes etc. have been captured by someone in a book and constantly being updated by others.

Some of the ideas I have on customer service, team building and marketing came from books and observation.

Thanks to books, you don’t have to book an appointment with Warren Buffett to ask about his genius thoughts on Investment, simply read about it in his books. Same for Robert Kiyosaki, then John C. Maxwell for insights on Leadership etc.

Through reading a simple book, you can adopt strategies from all over the world, apply them into your own life or business, and watch it flourish!


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