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5 Reasons Why You Cannot Miss ‘Ignite Accra’ 2019


Running on the theme “WOKE MINDSET,” Ignite Accra 2019 comes off tomorrow with a promise of a bigger, better, and highly exhilarating showdown by its organizers

However, with many students, graduates, and business executives raring to go and rubbing their palms in anticipation of this year’s edition, here are five reasons why you would have only yourself to blame if you are not at the Silverbird Cinemas-Accra Mall tomorrow.

  • NO LONG TALK: Yes, this one. The long talk! The thing about lengthy talks is aside it’s perilous ability to bore the living soul out of anyone, the sense in the message ends up becoming elusive to the listener. I’ve attended some knowledge and information-based gatherings, and most of the time forgot the things that were said there even before the event was over. Most times I stopped listening because I’m got distracted by people dozing off through a speaker’s 10-minute long, boring, big-worded speeches. Thankfully, Ignite Accra is going to spare us that. In my first experience with this talk, it lived up to its tagline, “Enlighten us, but make it quick.”  No wicked grammatical constructions to try and impress or confuse us. Just a five-minute minute projection period for each speaker to tackle a 20-slide PowerPoint presentation.
  • THE TIMING PERFECT: So, per the publicities, Ignite Accra would begin at 10:00 am, and even Alberta, my-always-up-after-7am-roommate doesn’t see it interfering with her having to do her Saturday laundry. In the very likely scenario that her sleeping eats deeply into her estimated 6am washing schedule, she would still be able to do it after the programme. Why? Because Ignite would hold for just a two-hour period; and we all know the sun won’t set by the 12pm time that it would end.
  • YOU GET TO LEARN FROM THE BEST: That feeling you get when you have a group of people- successful from the areas you so badly want to flourish in- willing to gift revolutionary principles sprung from their wealth of experience and knowledge. Just imagine the impact for a sec. A branding expert in Bernard Kelvin Clive, an experienced business consultant and talent coach in Akosua Koranteng Adayi, a communication think-tank in Mr. Baffour Ofori-Atta Kena, and a very imaginative playwright and columnist in Mr. Kobina-Ansah all on one team.

Then there is the lead geologist for Tullow Ghana, Mr. Govan Gangatharan and Director of Sheafwave Enterprise, Mr. Tchidi Tchorly proving some extraordinary strategies to win in this highly complex modern society. What more could I ask for?

  • ATTENDANCE IS FREE: Every Ghanaian likes the sound of that. “Freeeee.” An event with a concept and organization of such high magnitudes usually cost money to attend; so, it was somewhat of a surprise when I learnt admission to Ignite Accra is absolutely free. Booking p3. Educate yourself, get the best of excitements, network with great minds, and socialize with the best for nothing at all. Well, I am not staying back at home when all I require is my troski fare. Wetin I go gain?
  • PRESENTED A RARE OPPORTUNITY TO NETWORK AND SOCIALIZE: This is a gathering of graduates and young business executives pregnant with their goals and values which you may find interesting or even relate with. And I don’t think it is advisable in any part of the world to pass a chance to build truly beneficial acquaintances. You’ll never know; the person you sit behind at Ignite may be a co-partner to your multi-billion-cedi future business, or, mine, you may even meet the future first lady or president of Ghana at the event tomorrow.

The event is sponsored by Dalex Finance.


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