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Driver Wrecks £250,000 Lamborghini Trying To Show-Bolt

A classic example of what is earned when people over-do things just to impress others. It mostly never ends well and it has cost people their comfort, self-esteem, safety and even their lives.

So, it is no surprise that a driver lost control and smashed his £250,000 sports car into a tree and a brick wall while showing off to a crowd of enthusiasts.

Spectators observed in shock as the Huracan Performante they had been admiring and taking pictures of earlier, twisted out of control, mounted the curb, crashed into the tree, before sliding into a brick wall in west London.

In a video of the incident circulating the internet, the Huracan Performante pulls up in front of a crowd of onlookers who are so moved by the impressiveness of the car that they can’t resist taking shots of it with their phone.

Clearly spurred by the kind of attention he was garnering; the driver decides to put on a little show for his teeming audience by hurtling the Lamborghini down the road so the onlookers would probably extol the car’s engine roar as well.

However, he quickly loses control and the car swerves towards stationary traffic and narrowly misses crashing into them, before it spins into a tree and smashes into a brick wall in a high-speed crash. 

Although the driver escapes unharmed after he banged into the wall, he is later seen in tears as he sees his prized toy wrecked beyond recognition and spectators watched in shock as the mangled car was lifted onto a recovery vehicle later on.

The Huracan Performante crashed into a brick wall.

Fortunately, no pedestrians or spectators were standing in the way of the Lamborghini when it drove into the side of the road despite the scores of enthusiasts watching the supercars. 

An eyewitness spoke of the incident: ‘As soon as I heard it, I rushed over to where it happened.

‘The drivers were not participating in drag races, they were just making some noises for the crowd and accelerating away fast.

‘The crowd was loving the cars making noise and driving away fast from the event, but everyone seemed shocked and sad to see the crash.’


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