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VIDEO: 27-Year-Old Woman Writes ‘Break-Up’ Letter To Her Foot Before It Is Amputated


Although highly moving, it still is incredible that such levels of courage- even though they may seem to seem to stretch beyond the bounds of possibility- exist; especially in women like Jordan Beckwith. A great source of infinite inspiration.

Jordan’s bravery was not only made evident in her taking the life-changing decision to have her foot amputated, but in the manner that she handled the process which honestly would have gotten anyone depressed.

Now a realtor at Colorado Springs, 27-year-old Jordan shattered her ankle in a horse-riding fall when she was 13; but following years of agonizing pain with series of surgeries on the foot, decided to have it cut off.

Undoubtedly not in any mood to let change of losing a limb break her spirit, Jordan, who clearly has a wonderful sense of humor, penned a ‘break up’ letter on the skin of the foot to be amputated, saying: ‘It’s time we parted ways’.

Jordan Beckwith after having her right foot amputated.

Together with several other messages written by friends of hers, Jordan wrote: ‘It’s not me, it’s you. I’m sure we’ve had some good times together, but it’s time we parted ways. I wish you all the best,’ and signed off the note: ‘Your blood supplier’.

Jordan recounts that fateful incident in 2005 which saw her break the tibia bone in her lower leg.

‘My horse tripped and I went over her shoulder. I landed on my neck and blacked out for a second,’ she said.

‘When I came to, my ankle was bad, I was in pain. I tried to stand up but I blacked out again.’

‘The doctor said it hadn’t aligned right. They broke my ankle again and redid the surgery. But it always hurt. I was taking handfuls of Advil to deal with the pain.’

‘It never felt right. All through high school, I was in pain, she said. ‘For the last 14 years, I’ve always been on some kind of pain medication.

‘I have been active but I’m always limping. About 18 months ago, I got to the point that it never got better. There were only bad days.

‘I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t do my job, I couldn’t even take my dogs for a two-minute walk. I couldn’t do jiu jitsu. I was icing my ankle every night. I didn’t want to live like that anymore.’

Mrs Beckwith however visited a surgeon in Denver, Colorado, who told her that she had a choice: a risky ankle replacement or an amputation.

‘The problem with an ankle replacement is that it is meant for someone much older. The ideal candidate is 60 or older and hasn’t had prior ankle surgery.

‘I initially scheduled the replacement because my family was adamant that we try everything else first because losing a limb is such a big deal.

‘But the more I thought about it, amputation struck me as inevitable. I didn’t want endless surgery. I had to take all the emotion out of the decision.

Brave Jordan Beckwith says her family were supportive after discussing her decision with them.

‘This would give me the highest quality of life. It would help me walk and maybe run, I could participate in sports again.

‘I had many conversations with my family and eventually they understood and supported me.’

According to Jordan, she credits sharing her experiences on her YouTube channel, Footless Jo, with aiding her recovery.

‘My YouTube channel has really helped me process everything.

‘Sharing what I’m going through, gives me strength and makes me feel like I’m helping others.’


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