Surely, their reactions are always so distressing to see that it triggers whoever pranked them into regretting their insensitive actions.

Now think about the immense level of terror that will swamp a 10-year-old boy dragged onto a 330-feet high bridge by his suicidal mother, and is fully aware that she is actually determined to end it all for both of them.

It is tragic and sickening this murder-suicide incident which took place in Colombia. And no one would possibly understand why Jessy Paola Moreno Cruz wouldn’t allow her son, May Ceballos, to continue living when she decided that dying was the way out of her financial problems.

Moreno Cruz jumped off a 330-feet high bridge holding her son, May Ceballos (L).

According to investigators, the 32-year-old, had been pursued by debt collectors and evicted from her home, perhaps prompting her fatal decision to jump down the La Variante Bridge holding her horrified son who begged that she spared their lives.

Emergency responders and community members also rushed to the scene pleading with the depressed mother not to leap, but their efforts proved unsuccessful.  

Emergency responders and some town members tried to talk her out of her decision to jump with her son.

Recounting the happening to local media, firefighter, Rafel Rico, said: ‘They begged her not to do it and tried to convince her to stop… but sadly, she took the fatal decision.’ 

In a footage of the tragic incident, an emergency responder is heard shouting in shock: ‘Oh my God… she threw herself off,’ while another is seen kneeling and sobbing after witnessing the upsetting events play out. 

After witnessing the 32-year-old woman jump with her son, some officers broke down sobbing.

Mayor of Ibague, Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo, later spoke about the tragedy: ‘This ends up hurting or even costing the life of the person.

‘This lady, who was a single mother, unfortunately was desperate at the pressure of [paying back] debts,’ Jaramillo said.

The murder-suicide is currently being investigated further.


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