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Top Google Searches From Ghana in 2018 Show Ghanaians are Really Betting


If there’s anything that Ghanaians Googled the most in 2018, it is probably that things are not so easy and everyone is looking for a way to make some more money.

According to Google trends, the top six search queries from Ghana in 2018 were:

1. Ghana

2. Download (I wonder what Ghanaians were downloading)

3. Meaning (And what they were trying to understand)

4. Ghanaweb

5. Google

6. Facebook.

These are the unremarkable usual suspects. There’s nothing really special or noteworthy about Ghanaians searching for Ghana, things to download, the meaning of some words, Ghanaweb, Google or Facebook.

But guess what comes in at 7 and 8. Livescore and Betway!

Yes, it seems more and more Ghanaians are placing soccer bets and probably getting themselves anxious by checking livescore frequently to see if their bet is on course to win. Betting is no longer a thing for only young guys. Women, both young and old, are getting into it.

On a scale with 100 being the top, livescore clocked in at 17 and betway at 16. Clearly, livescore and Betway do not rank so highly compared with the top search terms. However, these two queries are the first unique searches on the list of what Ghanaians Googled the most in 2018.

As for Facebook and Google, they are the most visited websites in the world and are often among the most searched websites of any country. Ghanaweb is the most visited news website in Ghana, and it is a common practice around the world to use Google to find things to download or to find the meaning of words.

Those top six search terms from Ghana in 2018 are nothing much to write about, really. It’s the Livescore and the Betway in seventh and eighth position which peaked in mid September 2018.

The interest in Betway by region, was very high from the north of the country, reducing towards the coastal areas. It was Googled most in the Upper West Region, followed by Upper East, Northern Region and Brong Ahafo in fourth.

For livescore, the term was searched most by Greater Accra Region, followed by Upper East and Northern Region, with Ashanti region coming fourth.

What is obvious from these trends is that last year, the northern sector was really interested in Betway. Greater Accra region was not looking out so much for it, probably because there are several other betting companies. Supporting this hypothesis is the fact that livescore saw more searches in Greater Accra, ahead of Upper East and Northern Region. In Greater Accra, people were searching livescore a lot, to check scorelines and to bet with other companies, not just Betway.

Maybe that Radio Gold presenter is right. Betting is how a lot of Ghanaians are managing to comfortably go to work and work cheerfully even when there are salary delays.


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