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A Frustrated Donald Trump Gets a Savage Reply on Twitter


As you know, the US President Donald Trump has been the subject of an investigation which he doesn’t like, that is trying to find out whether he connived with Russia to rig the US elections that brought him to power.  

Now, the net appears to be getting smaller around the President. Some testimonies submitted by a congressional committee could soon indict the President’s son Donald Trump Jnr, of perjury. His son lying under oath on the issue of whether Trump colluded with Russia to tamper with the elections, is an offence that will affect the US President.

Aside the fact that his son, Donald Trump Jnr could go to jail, President Donald Trump himself will face serious charges as part of the issue. If Trump manages to stay in power, he could also face jail right after his tenure. Given the circumstances, it is possible that the President would be compelled to step down in order to reduce the punishments.  

In the meantime, aside the submitted testimonies, the congressional committee intends to investigate Donald Trump’s finances and personal life for more clues. Trump is not happy about that. In a recent tweet, he called the development “unlimited presidential harassment”.

“Sometimes, when you’re Congress, you can grab the President by the financials. And they’ll let you do it.”

The reply was clearly a pun mocking Donald Trump’s infamous leaked private conversation from long ago in which he said that if you’re a star you can grab women by the p**** ‘cause they let you do it.


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