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‘You Tweet So Much Dumb Sh*t That It Is Hard For Us To Keep Track’- US President, Trump, Feels The Heat After ‘Global Waming’ Comment

United States president, Donald Trump, turned heads with the tweet which blatantly displayed his bizarre understanding of what global warming-climate change- is.

Trump’s post was in relation to the extreme cold descending on the Midwest from the Arctics, causing temperatures to drop way below zero degrees in those areas.

While lamenting on the enormity of polar vortex, and the likelihood that it could escalate, Trump, believed that global ‘warming’ did just what its name suggested.

You know, warm things up!!!

And that since it only made the world hotter, global warming was needed in times like these to counter the wind chill conditions.

The president even fascinatingly quizzed why global ‘warming’ was failing to do its job.

The tweet instantly caught the attention of several known figures, including Arsenal defender, Hector Bellerin, and they expressed their shock at the tweet.

The Arsenal man thought the comments were abnormal for a man of Trump’s age.

While Jimmy Stafford seemed sorrowful that the president of the United States of America had misspelled ‘warming’.

Andy Cohen was pretty blunt about with and even labelled Trump ‘dumb’.

And Nick Abbot assumed Trump’s tweet was so ‘stupid’ that it had to be introduced with a countdown.

Clinton Kelly also solicited help for Trump to understand global warming better.

A frustrated Dave Foley gave the president some free education.

And then Nev Schulman….well, it is possible that he was gnashing his teeth in anger while he typed his response. He called Trump a ‘moron’.


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