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How Kevin Prince Boateng caught Barcelona’s Eye


Although in sharp contrast with popular expectation, Kevin-Prince Boateng’s recent move to Barcelona shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. It has left many people in wonder because when you move from AC Milan to Schalke 04, you’re more unlikely to continue to a club like Barcelona. 

Could this magic trick that Kevin-Prince Boateng pulled on Barcelona in 2011 have been the moment when they jotted his name down?

It was a Champions League match between AC Milan and Barcelona. Kevin received a pass on the edge of the penalty box and in a flash, left behind Barcelona’s left back Eric Abidal. He then fired a banana shot, beating Victor Valdes at the near post.

Milan went on to lose the match, unfortunately. But that classic goal has been trending on YouTube recently and many people are wondering if it was an important factor. Not many people get to display such moments of solo brilliance against Barcelona.


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