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Criss Waddle And His Soldiers Slaughter Journalist In Social Media Confrontation


Criss Waddle posted this week that he felt reluctant granting interviews to Ghanaian journalists because they were “boring” and displayed little ingenuity in their way of questioning.

Unimpressed by the comments, twitter user, Abdul-Hanan, called the rapper and head honcho of AMG Business out on the social media platform, advising him to up the quality of his music, rather than ‘waste precious time on Twitter attacking the media.’

Abdul-Hanan’s instinctive, albeit ruthless reaction to Criss Waddle’s opinion was not surprising given that his twitter profile has “journalist” stated as one of four professions.

He wrote:

Evidently infuriated by Abdul-Hanan’s swipe at his musical capabilities, Criss Waddle, who has over the years flaunted his wealth publicly, jabbed back that he was not prepared to waste his thoughts on a probably broke social media troll, and followed that the amount he used in fueling his car, could feed Hanan’s ‘useless father.’

Unwilling to roll over and die, Abdul-Hanan hit back at Waddle with an assertion that the artiste was ‘bragging’ over fraudulently acquired wealth.


Although Criss Waddle still had some fight in him, die-hards of the musician were also on hand to defend their star, and swiftly swarmed Hanan’s ‘senseless tweet’ to hand him some punches of their own.



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