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Six Male Personalities That Successfully Maneuvered The Toughest of Tests


People often think the successes of public figures are  measured the cake-frost-sweet appraisals they get from fans, forgetting certain evils that people with amplified statuses flirt with.

Like the controversies, trolls, backlash, vile critiques, disparaging remarks, unfounded rumors, zero privacy, personal tragedies.

All these dynamites and even more make up the celebrity gravy. And a public figure’s ability to go through the blasts unharmed actually determine how well they succeed.

Think it’s a joke? Hit Pappy Kojo up and you might get an insight on how the heat can lead to depression. Even the ‘realer no’ couldn’t handle it and he’s no where to be found now.

However, these six male stars have endured some of the harshest floggings, and if their mentality had not been tough, their success and relevance in the limelight would have been flashed down the loo a long time ago.


Living proof that you need a hide the strength of an armadillo’s to even work for God. And forget that ‘touch not my anointed’ decree because Ghanaians don’t care; they will give it to you even if you are an angel. Ask Obinim.

He has stomached vile abuses from people from all walks of life, and the fact that he claims he holds the power to morph into cockroaches, lions, dogs, snakes etc. has invited trolls and critiques to question whether he truly is a man of God.

This man has called himself Jesus Christ, rampaged a radio station studio with a pinch bar, risen people from the dead, forced a woman to roam the streets carrying 50kg of mass, barged into people’s dreams, willfully flogged people in church, slept with his subordinate’s wife, and has been arrested by the police on several occasions.

Strangely, whenever he sparked an outrage and Ghanaians felt the severity of it would shut him down for good, he bounces back like nothing happened, and he’s still going strong issuing out lotto number sand fertility candies. Tough-skinned man of God.

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So, in freaky Friday, Chris Brown woke up being Lil Dicky, DJ Khaleed, Ed Sheeran etcetera and seemed cool about it, right? But do you think Breezy would have been content if he woke up and found himself trapped inside the body of none other than our former president, John Mahama?

I highly doubt that. He would have been nicknamed the dumsor president and aside the beginning of his tenure being mortared with pink sheets on pink sheets, any bad thing that happened in Ghana between 2012 and 2016 would have been his doing.

If a cat got squashed while trying to cross a street somewhere in Accra, Mahama! If a mother accidentally spilled her potful of light-soup on her kitchen floor at Tamale-Mahama! If a fat man bit his tongue while greedily chewing tiger-nuts inside that Abeka troski-Mahama! And Mahama also had a hand in there when John Boye allowed Dempsey to wriggle past him to score in USA’s win over us at the 2014 world cup!

And though he also would have been hugely condemned for wanting to contest the presidency again in 2020, he obviously would have been able to stand all the critiques because…. well he is the ‘dead goat’ with really hard wele.

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Tagged with every word from lexicons which best describe lyrically feeble rappers, Ghanaians’ continual abasement of this guy is persistent to the degree that “D-Black” has sort of become a word in lexicons which best describe lyrically feeble rappers.

This is a musician who has built a formidable brand in Black Avenue Music, and graced our music scene with talents such as Joey B, Dee Money. People should be elated when they are compared to him but the “D-Black is whack,” “D-Black shaa,” “D-Black no be rapper” taunts has created a situation where even underground rappers take offence when their rap skills are likened to that of the BET Award nominee.

The dispiriting reception he receives from music lovers regardless, he currently has a song out with Kuami Eugene, and another with Joey B and they all seem to be doing well.

I mean, how many mainstream rappers would stick to the profession when they get insulted that they rap like indomie mixed with gari and beans, or that Okyeame Kwame’s son, Sir, raps better than them? Only D-Black. The trolls just can’t seem to kill this man’s vibe.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Omar-Sterling-e1485942720107-1024x791.jpg

He is one half of a highly talented group[R2Bees] yet the man we once knew as Pae Dae, has unquestionably endured some torrid times at the hands of Ghana music fans.

The track “Yawa Girl” shot his Tema-based group into the heart of local prominence, and Omar Sterling’s verse on that record was purely virtuoso. Memorable bars! A verse so distinct that Ghana had no option than just rap along. 

Down the line though, Mugeez- the other half of the group- exhibited so much musical talent that other artistes were ultimately required to put in three times their usual efforts in order to even be considered average in collaborations with him.

Fortunately, or unfortunately for Omar Sterling, Mugeez is his partner, and it was only a matter of time before the same people that hailed that ‘Yawa Girl’ flow started calling “Pae Dae” mediocre.

“AAH!! Pae Dae spoil the song” or “Pae Dae be alo rapper oo.” However, he never responded to any of the critics or trolls, fed off the all the negativity, showed great mental strength, and then hit back with that fire-The Victory Through Harmony Mixtape.

He proved beyond reasonable doubt that he has what it takes, and didn’t allow the ‘talk-talk’ get under his skin.

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This man- Baby Jet. Scorer of Ghana’s first ever goal at the world cup, 2010 BBC African Footballer of the Year winner, the only player in the world to have scored in nine consecutive international tournaments, scored more goals than any African at the World Cup, and all-time leading goalscorer for the national team.

Accolades as these would make him an untouchable in certain countries; but you see…Ghana is not ‘certain countries’ so, we sure let you have it.

Who hasn’t castigated Gyan for squandering an “easy” goal-scoring chance from the comfort of their living rooms? At the 2008 AFCON, he was targeted so much that the uproar led to him wanting to leave camp.

That crucial 2010 penalty miss in South Africa did not affect his stride, neither did the miss against Zambia. The sudden death of his mother, people blaming him for Castro’s disappearance, Sarah Kwabla’s allegations, recent news about his marriage, we could go on and on and on.

However, with a mentality like Goliath’s armor, his confidence didn’t plummet and eventually, our “EEEIIII and OOOOH ASAMOAH GYAN’s” just trampoline off of him like jelly beans.


Now tell me, how many artistes in Ghana can get embroiled in the number of controversies this guy has been involved in, and still survive industry?

I couldn’t even start listing the number of incidents that could or should have killed his career.

Even now, the troll bandwagon are on his case for shooting a tame level video for his allegedly stolen hit song, ‘level’.

Prior to that, Ghanaians thought the trolls doled out to him following the release of Sarkodie’s ‘Advice’ would eventually keep him out of the limelight but, did that really work?

Enjoying what seems to be the most loyal fan-base any musician in Ghana has ever managed to garner, those who detest and often lash out at Shatta’s conduct usually end up realizing one thing: No talk can bring this guy’s level down.


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