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Guy Smuggles ‘Bofrot’ and ‘Aburo ne Nkatie’ to Eat on Flight


So many Ghanaians have boarded aeroplanes and lodged in luxurious hotels abroad, to find to their horror that you could be served a few spoons of vegetables and sauce on a small plate decorated with some leaves, as lunch.

Clifford Ametefe, a model and dancer, had had enough of the food that they serve on flights, so when he was travelling by air this time around, he smuggled an apple, roasted plantain, “bofrot” and a small bottle of “graphic and times” on his flight.

He then shared a picture of himself with the bofrot, plantain and groundnut that he took along on his flight with the Facebook group Trotro Diaries, drawing a lot of laughter and cheers from the group which has a membership of about 360,000 Facebook profiles.

Posts about air and train transport appear occasionally in the group which is primarily meant for sharing interesting occurrences involving public transport buses in Ghana (trotro).

According to Clifford, airlines are fond of serving “rubbish” like taalia (spaghetti) with two tots of water which he doesn’t find encouraging, which is why he took the bofrot and other stuff along.

The next time, he promises that it will be akple on the flight. Let’s wait for it.


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