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Egyptian Actress to Stand Trial for Wearing Transparent Dress

Rania Youssef, Cairo International Film Festival (Image: AFP)

Another reason to happy yourself in this free land called Ghana: If the country is hard kwraa, at least our celebrities are free to wear what clothes they want on the red carpet. Plus Moesha Boduong will always be available to pose freely for your viewing pleasure.

Egyptian actress Rania Youssef was interrogated for close to four hours because of this transparent dress she chose to wear at the recent 40th Cairo International Film Festival.

As you can see, the transparent dress showed off just her thighs and legs but on January 12 next year, Rania Youssef will stand trial on charges of public obscenity and promoting immorality. She faces up to five years in jail if convicted.

All because she stood on the red carpet in this dress and posed for photographers to take pictures of her.

The complaint against the actress was taken by a group of lawyers in Egypt known for being fierce crusaders of morality. They withdrew their complaint after the actress made a public statement expressing some regret at the controversy generated by her dress.

Writing on Facebook, Rania Youssef expressed commitment for Egyptian values and said she would not have worn the dress if she had known how things would turn out.

The actress said in a television interview that her daughter came home from school crying after getting bullied due to the incident.

The Egyptian actress also did not get the support of her country’s Actors Guild. Instead of standing by the actress for the overreaction to her dress, the actor’s guild said it would investigate and discipline all actors who wore inappropriate clothes which were at odds with Egyptian values and ethics.

As if Egypt doesn’t have bigger problems to take care of.


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