The Chinese are not in Africa to play. Unfortunately, when they’re giving loans and donating money and other items to African countries, our leaders are not smart enough to refuse.

In Zambia, the Inspector General of Police was compelled to withdraw eight Chinese officers who had been drafted into the country’s police reserve force, following public outcry against the incident.

In South Africa, the Chinese have taken a different and more effective route to their neo-colonialist onslaught, particularly taking part in policing. They have opened several ‘Chinese Community and Police Cooperation Centres’ across the country. The 13th one was opened just last week in Port Elizabeth.

China’s rationale for the Centres is that it is an old idea that came up around 2003 when Chinese people were being targeted, robbed and killed in Johannesburg. They say that Chinese people feared for their lives but when the first centre was opened as a link between the South African police and the Chinese government, it helped in reporting and investigation of such cases.

The question is what about other nationals? Foreigners get attacked in South Africa from time to time. Should their respective countries and embassies all build police facilities to protect them? How many foreign police centres would South Africa have then?

But apparently China doesn’t care and neither do African leaders. It is claimed that the centres assists South African police with information and also helps Chinese people who don’t speak English to communicate with South African police.

The above explanations and merits clearly look like an attempt to sell something that doesn’t really have value. In the future, we could expect as some South Africans fear, that the Chinese will bring their people down to South Africa to take active part in policing and pursue other things which are in China’s interests.

It’s obvious they are there to do more than protecting Chinese citizens but Police Commissioner for Port Elizabeth, Lieutenant General Ntshinga, who opened the latest Chinese outpost last week, reportedly commended China for deepening the cooperation between the two countries.

I don’t think madness.


  1. your post is madness. There are no foreign police. What can a center with book, pamphlets, and computers do to the citizens of South Africa except to teach language skills? In turn language barriers are less and the local South African police can better do their jobs. Enough of the sensationalism.


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