Not friends, kids, boyfriends, hubbies, but strangely dogs, make the best bed-mates for women, a new study has advised.

Napping alongside these furry creatures make women feel more comfortable and secure than a human partner can.

The research from Canisius College found that more than half of women snuggle up to at least one dog, and those that kept canine company at night went to bed earlier, slept better and got up earlier in the morning.

Humans have had an interdependent relationship with animals for over hundreds of decades and it is known that dog owners often have a bizarrely strong chemical interaction with our dogs.

Following this, when humans and dogs gaze into one another’s eyes, their levels of oxytocin jet up significantly, explaining why more than half of the 962 women surveyed in the Canisius College study felt such a sense of ‘comfort’ next to their canine cohorts.

The study also revealed humans do not share such mystical gaze with cats like they do with dogs or other humans, and recorded that the 31 percent of women who had at least one cat didn’t get the same warm feeling from their pets.

Subsequently, those who fell asleep cuddling a cat woke up feeling less well-rested, while seven percent of women who jumped into bed without company enjoyed better sleep overall.

So, much as sleeping with the dogs could make bedtime seem all snug and enjoyable than cats and other humans, for one to be guaranteed the smoothest of rests, they just need a bed void of any companion at all.


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