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Man Steals $160,000 Diamond Ring and Trades it for $20 Wee


People are awesome, and people are stupid.

Once upon a time, a man stole a diamond ring worth $160,000 dollars. That ring could have changed his life. It was in 2014 and that money was probably worth a little more than it is today.

Twenty-year-old Walter Morrison from Arizona, was unloading a cargo plane belonging to American cargo airline giant UPS Airlines when he spotted a package containing the diamond ring, and stole it.

Even though the diamond ring was valuable enough to buy a house, an expensive luxury car or even set someone up for life, he traded it away for only $20 worth of marijuana – about two joints.

And worse for him, the company was able to trace the diamond, recover it and deliver it to its intended recipient.

Walter was fired from his job at the airport. Then he was arrested and charged with theft.

Is this theft worth a spot in the hall of fame of the dumbest criminals? Maybe. And will anyone lose a bigger “prize” or do something more stupid just for that burning desire to light one roll and get high? Yes. Definitely yes.

Weed will always be that powerful for some.


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