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Knockout: John Mahama “Slapped” on Twitter For Just Speaking His Mind


People are quite frustrated these days with the politician and the “man of God”. These two groups of people have been playing tricks on the people for a long time and Ghanaians, the youth especially, do not have a lot of respect for them anymore.

Add to this the fact that Ghana is getting hard, with little hope for a real alternative in terms of political leadership, and any small comment from a politician or a man of God, is sure to receive backlash.

It is in this growing climate of distrust for the political elite that John Mahama found trouble for himself on Twitter a few days ago. (And it needs to be said, these days Twitter is a dangerous minefield where your legs can easily get blown off.)

The former president tweeted a photo with this quote from Keith Rowley, a politician in Trinidad and Tobago: “Anytime a government resorts to blaming the opposition for its failure to deliver on their mandate and their responsibilities to the people, it is a clear sign that they have accepted that they have outlived their usefulness.”

This tweet by John Mahama, an obvious jab at the NPP and their needless blame games, did not go down well with Twitter user @atemuda66 (Leo-Messi Da in-Vinci-ble) who fired a savage reply at the former president’s official handle.

He replied that if John Mahama was the only candidate on the ballot paper and it was a yes or no vote, he would travel all the way to Elmina, take the ballot paper and chew it. He then added: “Politicians are jerks but you… you be demma boss …”

Oh, Ghana fuo yɛ bad! All this on John Mahama just for calling out the NPP on their senseless occasional blaming of the previous administration? JM abrɛ!


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